January 08, 2019

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Linux Owners Group In Newcastle (LOGIN) Wiki Welcome to LOGIN, the Linux Owners Group in Newcastle. We are a LUG (Linux Users Group) for people in the Newcastle and Hunter region of NSW Australia. We are affiliated with Linux Australia with subcommittee status Do you want to help promote our Linux club then please feel free to pass on the flyer or better still print a couple & place them on a noticeboard in your local area.

January 08, 2019 04:40 AM

August 01, 2017

Gabriel Noronha


Unfortunate for us our home only got FTTN NBN connection. but like others I thought I would share the speed improvement results from cleaning up wiring inside your own home. we have 2 phone sockets 1 in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. by removing the cable from the kitchen to the bedroom, we managed to increase our maximum line rate from 14.2Mbps upload and 35.21Mbps download to 20Mbps upload and 47 Mbps download.

Bedroom Phone Line connected. Line Statistics Post Wiring clean up

we’ve also put a speed change request from the 12/5 plan to the 50/20 plan so next month we should be enjoying a bit more of an NBN.

To think that with FTTH you could of had up to 4 100/40 connections. and you wouldn’t of had to pay someone to rewire your phone sockets.


speed change has gone through

NBN ModemModem statistics on 50/20 speed

by Gabz at August 01, 2017 12:15 AM

March 22, 2017

Gabriel Noronha

Flir ONE Issues

FLIR ONE for iOS or Android with solid orange power light

Troubleshooting steps when the FLIR ONE has a solid red/orange power light that will not turn to blinking green:

by Gabz at March 22, 2017 04:25 AM

January 05, 2017

Gabriel Noronha

Charging point connectors & socket outlets.

Mainly for my own reference.

The New Zealand Transport Agency explanation of charging sockets and plugs.

This is pretty comprehensive and is easily applicable to Australia we have some more choice of vehicles which are not listed mainly in the hybrids but have more strict rules for imports, so no 2nd hand Japanese LEAFs here.

Their recommendation of type 2 sockets for Public AC charging, and CHADeMO and Type 2 CCS for Public DC charging is also something I agree with.

New Zealand like Australia had started to roll out Type 1 CCS but it looks like they’ll be changing all the stations to Type 2 CCS, to align with the European charging standard. Which makes more technical sense as our power girds are similar voltage and frequency.

Personally I hope Australia move to Type 2 CCS like NZ has, but at the moment all the power is in the vehicle manufacture hands, and they benefit form Type 1 CCS as Australia would become the only country in the world to have cars that are right hand drive and Type 1 CCS. Stopping any sort of importation of 2nd hand electric cars even if the rules are relaxed.

by Gabz at January 05, 2017 11:15 AM

June 18, 2016

LOGIN Wiki Changelog

makerspace:home - [University of Newcastle Makerspace]

Welcome Please sign up the mailing list below if you're interested in becoming a member of a Newcastle hackerspace/makerspace. Note: There are two separate groups. University of Newcastle Makerspace Location: Building: EE Room: EE102 Access is by request to the president of the makerspace, Luke Simmons. Once this is done you will be required to pass the EE general access quiz and the EE unsupervised access quiz, in Blackboard.

June 18, 2016 01:38 PM

July 15, 2015

Mark Wallis

Hello world!

Welcome to my new website. Above you will find links to my current research publications and projects.

by markwallis_id at July 15, 2015 11:12 PM

October 03, 2014

Gabriel Noronha

Recharging NSW

So those who have been following this blog know that I’ve been a keen enthusiast for EVs attempting to grow and expand the amount of EVs in Australia and the related charging network.

Some of my frustration on how slowly it has been growing has turned into why don’t I do something about it.

So I have. I’m now a director of a new company Recharging NSW Pty Ltd. The main aim is to encourage and support EV uptake in Australia.  By increase both cars on the road and public charging.

So there isn’t much I can share at present everything is still in the planning phases. but stay tuned.




by Gabz at October 03, 2014 01:25 AM

September 24, 2014

Gabriel Noronha

EVSE for Sun Valley Toursit Park

So you might of seen a couple posts about Sun Valley Tourist Park, that is because we visit there a lot to visit grandma and grandpa (wife’s parents) .  So we decided because its outside of our return range we have to charge there to get home if we take the I-MIEV. but with the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) that comes with the car limits the charge rate to 10amps max. So we convinced the park to install a 32amp EVSE.  This allow us to charge at the I-MIEV full rate of 13amps so 30% faster.

Aeroviroment RS at Sun ValleyAeroviroment EVSE-RS at Sun Valley

If you want to know more about the EVSE it’s an Aeroviroment EVSE RS.  It should work fine with the Holden volt, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, I-MIEV 2012 or later (may not work with 2010 models) and the Nissan LEAF.

If you are in the central coast and want somewhere to charge you can find the details on how to contact the park on plugshare. It’s available for public use depending on how busy the park is and the driver paying a nominal fee, and the driver phones ahead, during office hours.


by Gabz at September 24, 2014 10:30 AM

September 04, 2014

Gabriel Noronha

New Electricity Retailer

So after crunching some more numbers and reading the green peace green energy guide I decided to change electricity retailers. Based of my need for a high VFIT (see previous post )  it was a choice between AGL (current provider), Click Energy and Diamond Energy.

Power Saving CalculationsPower Saving Calculations

Ok so the savings it’s not completely fair on AGL $55 of that $70 saving is 100% green energy which I’m not longer buying.  As click doesn’t offer it on their solar plan. but i can buy green energy from the a environmental trust for 4.2c/kWh and it’s a tax deduction.

Click saved me the most money has no contracts over AGLs 3 year killer and Diamonds 1 year one, it was also rated by green peace as middle range green. I’ve decided to move to click energy I’ll officially switch at my next meter read.

What about Gas well it’s going to switched later when click supports it. from twitter today:

If I’ve convinced you to switch and you want to get $50 click has a mates rates referral program  drop me a message and we’ll go from there.

by Gabz at September 04, 2014 09:16 AM

June 09, 2014

Gabriel Noronha

NSW Solar Feed in Tariff

If you where lucky enough to install your solar panels before 30 June 2012 then you have nothing to worry about your nsw government guaranteed to get 60c for those pre 28/10/2010 in the scheme or 20c for those later. I didn’t own my house before that date so I missed out so we’ll mainly be looking at VFIT voluntary feed in tariff.

So to safe you the research I’ve put it in a table below using Energy Made Easy Website to look up power companies avaliable in NSW.

Company VFIT c/kwh Greenpower Website
Click Energy 10 No Click Energy
Diamond Energy 8 No** Diamond Energy
Power Direct 7.7 Yes Power Direct
EnergyAustralia 7.7* Yes Energy Australia
Lumo 6.6 Yes Lumo Energy
Orgin 6 Yes Orgin energy
Red Energy 5* Yes Red Energy

*can’t confirm rate on company website need to ring for quote.
**Doesn’t offer certified green energy but does own green energy generators and no fossil fuel generators.

I export 3199.9 kWh/annually so at 8c it’s $255.99 and at the top rate of 10c/kWh it’s $319.99 so 10c give me an extra $64 per year. but that’s only a saving if the cost rate is the same.

There are other things to take into account when choosing a provide through, like the rates and discount for example click charge 27.39 c/kwh plus 7% discount 25.47 c/kwh which beat the discounted AGL rate of 26.44 c/kwh. Diamond energy with discount is ~26.56 c/kwh. daily service charge will also have to be factored in but it has less of an affect on the bill size. with click offering 78.10 c/day AGL 74.877 c/day and Diamond Energy 78.10 c/day.

I’m currently with AGL but I will be doing some further number crunching to work out if I can get enough savings out of click energy to justify me contract break fee that AGL will charge me if I leave.
I also dispprove on AGLs submission to the RET review so I’m not so willing to give them any more money.

Click energy doesn’t provide green power, this is a slight sticking point as purchasing green energy means not that my power comes from green sources but my money does. But that can be purchased seperatly to your energy bill and more directly to green providers so that might be an option.

by Gabz at June 09, 2014 08:34 AM

April 19, 2014

Gabriel Noronha

Solar 1 year on

this time last year we had the solar installed well by this time it was well on the roof … this date last year we had the meter replaced and the solar turned on.

The statistics:

I’m currently on a flat rate of 29.084 c/kWh (note my rate has gone up since solar was installed) minus 10% discount  plus 5.5  c /kWh for green energy = 31.94 c /kWh. So the amount not purchased or sold is what I saved by not buying 1736.1*31.94c = $554.51 + the money I got from Fit $255.99 so in a year it’s saved me ~$810.5.

Has the solar been a good investment no…the capital cost was around $8.5k so with the amount saved it’ll take 10 years to pay back. The main reason for this is that we export way too much and the fit is so low if we got paid what it costs us it would of saved us ~$1500 a year and only 5.5 years to pay back.  Do I care if it was a solid investment not really.

If we look at how green it is if we take imported – exported (1095 kWh)  that’s how much power I’ve used from other generators which for my area is black coal, but that has been offset by my green power money purchasing green power from wind and biogass. so does my house run emissions free when it comes to electricity according to an accountant yes, because every kWh of power I’ve used has been purchased from a green source  but maybe not according to an engineer.

Other interesting notes on the power bill:

average kWh used per day including solar from April to may 2013 before purchasing the EV was 12.1 kwh

average kWh used per day including solar from July 2013 to April 2014 post purchasing the EV is 16.5 kwh

so the effect of owning an EV on our power bills is about 4.4 kwh per day $1.40 increased cost. Note: this would also include seasonal cost extras like summertime air con and winter time heating so I won’t have a clear picture until we 1 year of EV ownership.

by Gabz at April 19, 2014 02:03 AM

January 29, 2014

David M. Williams

Newcastle Coders Group February 2014

Newcastle Coders Group

Hi Coders,

The Newcastle Coders Group is back for 2014 and we’re planning to make this year bigger and better than ever! Next week we’re going to be talking about programming for mobility devices. Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero will be making the trek to Newcastle to showcase Embarcadero’s cross platform mobile development studio and to discuss some of the ‘traps for young players’.

When: 6pm, Wednesday 5th February 2014
Where: Newcastle University ICT building.
Cost: Free!

Mobile App development is a hot topic right now. Businesses want to develop experiences that capture the imagination of new markets and individual developers have managed to make fortunes through the creation of wildly popular apps. However, it’s not always clear how to get started, and especially, how to leverage your existing development experience to target multiple devices efficiently.

In this practical session we’ll cover the fundamentals of mobile development:

This session is especially relevant for people familiar with RAD tools like Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Access or Delphi however there should something for everyone, whether you’re a developer (mobile or otherwise) or just interested in the latest in mobile development.

Damien Bootsma is a Software Consultant for Embarcadero Technologies. Damien’s background is in distributed software development where he focused on developing and designing for the application and database layers. He has also worked on a number of projects in a QA capacity, writing load and performance test scripts for various database platforms. In his role at Embarcadero, Damien is charged with ensuring Embarcadero customers are getting the most out of their Database and Software Development Tools.

Embarcadero have been kind enough to sponsor the pizza for the evening. So come along and have dinner on them! Please RSVP so we can plan for numbers.

If you haven’t been to the coders group before, or you know someone who hasn’t been, it might be time to come along. We’re a friendly and informal group who like to talk about coding practice, methodologies and technologies. It’s always good to see a new face and best of all, it costs nothing to attend.

I hope to see you there!

by david at January 29, 2014 10:14 PM

December 29, 2013

Gabriel Noronha

Betterplace, the first to fall.

Around May 2013 betterplace pulled out of Australian operations in an attempt to keep it’s parent company a float. This plan wasn’t overly great as the parent company still went bankrupt. this SMH article goes into a bit more depth, on why how and what’s to blame.

The real unfortunate thing is they put in quite a bit of infrastructure, with their own money and through government support through smart grid smarty city funding and now it’s being removed or unusable.

Below is pictures from at the Morisset Level 3 Charger, before and after removal.

The good news for the Level 3 fast chargers is that schneider electric have taken possession of these units back (they originally provided them) and at least they will be resold and not placed on the scrap heap.

It also appears it’s not just the level 3 but the level 2 after noticing a local shopping centre was adversing EV charging on there facebook page I emailed them to sadly only get this reply

Good morning Gabriel

Regarding your query about our Electric Car Charges, we did have charging areas however these have recently been removed from our Centre.

Kind regards

Michelle Thomas
Centre Manager
Commercial Property
Retail | Office | Industrial
Stockland Jesmond & Wallsend
28 Blue Gum Road, Jesmond NSW 2299
T +61 2 4955 9249 M +61 438 266 707
F +61 2 4955 8014 E
BeGreen… and consider the environment before printing this email

So while I’m working madly to try and increase the amount of EV chargers in my area they are being removed at a faster rate that I can convince people to put them in.

by Gabz at December 29, 2013 12:21 PM

December 01, 2013

Gabriel Noronha

EV friendly accomondation

LEAF Meetup

On the 27 of October met up with some LEAF drivers from Australian LEAF Owners Forum at Sun Valley Tourist Park see the above picture for a line up of their Leafs. It was a good meet up most of them had not met before and basically the whole meet up was based around interest in the cars.  so naturally the talk of the next meet up came up and I suggested next years 2014 hunter EV festival it’s actually down for a weekend this day 1 at the race track day 2 the expo at the foreshore.

So in an attempt to help out I sent this email out to the accommodation around Newcastle

In the lead up the the 2014 hunter Electric Vehicle festival weekend I’m canvassing Newcastle accommodation for places that are Electric Vehicle friendly so i can provide a list to out of town EV drivers.

So the first question is would you like to be added to the list ?

If you are interested I would like to know how many power points you have within close proximity to a car park?  and what type they are ? (most will be 240 Volt 10 amp)

The last piece of information I need is if there is a surcharge to the accommodation cost for EV charging and how much will it be?

Thank you for your time

What I forgot the put in the email was the dates August 16th and 17th… and the approximate cost of power which I estimated at 15kwh (~6 hours of time) so at $0.25 per KWh $3.75.  So far only had one reply which was positive but you can keep and eye on my progress by checking the spreadsheet on google drive



by Gabz at December 01, 2013 10:51 AM

October 09, 2013

James McDonald

Windows Live Writer Blog Post

Just installed Windows Live Writer and am checking what the blog post written and published from my desktop looks like. What my server room looked like before we went VMWare

by admin at October 09, 2013 03:09 AM

October 08, 2013

James McDonald

Windows 2012 Sending PJL Commands before the Postscript – Arrrggggh

I’m trying to get to work on a Debian 6.0.7 system. I’ve installed the printer on the Debian Box as “PDF-Converter” and gotten it running over LPD. However when printing a test page from a Windows 2012 server with any of the HP Color Laserjet  XXXXX drivers installed I get some @PJL pre-amble that makes the […]

by admin at October 08, 2013 05:55 AM

October 01, 2013

James McDonald

Remove everything in a directory except the archive you just unpacked

Just unpacked a zip file named and it exploded into hundreds of files and directories. This is what I did to get rid of the contents of the extracted archive excepting the archive itself. Warning: Don’t do this in directory that has many files you want to keep # delete everything except a single […]

by admin at October 01, 2013 11:23 PM

Rename a LVM Volume Group

Steps I used to rename a volume group which had the root and swap partitions on it. This was on CentOS 6.4 # display your volume groups # make note of the name you want # to change vgdisplay # check your options vgrename --help # backup your fstab cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab-20131002 # open your […]

by admin at October 01, 2013 10:43 PM

September 30, 2013

James McDonald

Booklet Printing in Linux

The Dream I want to create a booklet from a PDF file, like so:   I’ve been having trouble when I try to print Booklet format under Linux so I thought I would try to capture the settings I used in a blog post. Configure for Booklet in Adobe Reader & Print to File This […]

by admin at September 30, 2013 11:39 AM

Telstra 4G Modems. Telstra Elite 4G USB vs Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G

Telstra Elite 4G USB Moden I have been using a “Telstra Elite 4G USB” Modem to connect a Dell Vostro Laptop running Windows 7 to the internet. I was using an old school VGA connection to connect the laptop to a projector. No problems. Recently I purchased a Dell 1610HD projector and thought I would […]

by admin at September 30, 2013 01:10 AM

September 24, 2013

James McDonald

Blame it on the rename (renaming multiple files using a regular expression)

Just discovered the rename utility under Linux Warning: There appears to be two ‘rename’ utilities one under Debian 6.0.7 works as below and is a Perl utility. The other, which I found on Fedora 19 is part of util-linux, and doesn’t work the same way (i.e. it’s a lot dumber). Work-a-round copy /usr/bin/prename from your Debian […]

by admin at September 24, 2013 12:20 AM

September 16, 2013

James McDonald

Showing Changes Between Cisco Startup and Running Configs

Yesterday I made a change on a Cisco Switch and forgot to do a copy start run Wanted to know what the differences between the running-config and startup-config are: apf-ma-core-sw01#show archive config differences Contextual Config Diffs: interface GigabitEthernet0/2 +switchport access vlan 2 The startup-config contains the +switchport access vlan 2 line. I have removed it from […]

by admin at September 16, 2013 10:44 PM

Updating No Name Products

Jaycar Australia sells a product named “4 Port USB 2.0 Networking Server” under the CAT. NO. YN8406. It would be nice if they put a manufacturers link on the page… I needed a Windows 2012 server to be able to access it. But the driver download from Jaycar didn’t support Windows8/2012. I think on the web interface […]

by admin at September 16, 2013 01:02 AM

Cisco – Show the configuration of a single interface

The problem (and benefit) of being the single IT guy for a company is that you are responsible for all the IT stuff. But if you only configure a Cisco Switch every blue moon then you are likely to forget some of the simpler command line stuff that makes it easier to configure a switch. […]

by admin at September 16, 2013 12:09 AM

September 14, 2013

Gabriel Noronha

Kickstarter Field Hockey Game

For years in high school I had my hockey mad team mates telling me how great a field hockey game would be…

Looks like someone finally listerned there is currently a kick starter campaign to get one made

Love hockey but thing gaming is a waste of time ….. well think of this as a promotion of the sport well worth your time. I’ve backed it !

by Gabz at September 14, 2013 10:55 PM

September 11, 2013

James McDonald

Andr.Trojan.Zitmo-2 ClamAV blocking Android Updates

I’m using DansGuardian + ClamAV to do webfiltering and scanning. I have my Samsung Galaxy SII connected via Wi-Fi to the network so the traffic is scanned by DG. However this morning got warnings about Andr.Trojan.Zitmo-2. 1 for OpenDocument Reader and the other for  a Samsung website ( Really hoping (PRETTY SURE) it’s just ClamAV doing […]

by admin at September 11, 2013 03:11 AM

rsync – I’m doin’ this tonight, You’re probably gonna start a fight.

Using rsync over ssh… Yesterday I had to grab a directory of scripts I’ve been developing to do a scripted restore of our ERP environment and place them on a new server making sure I deleted anything that wasn’t in the remote directory: Remote to Local # logged in to the local box cd /u5/restore […]

by admin at September 11, 2013 01:18 AM

September 10, 2013

James McDonald

My LibreOffice Wont Bring the Australian Spell-Check to the Yard

When attempting to run spell-check on LibreOffice on Fedora 19 I hit the F7 key and Spell Check launches and immediately says spellcheck complete. No it idn’t. Going into Tools => Options => Language Settings  and having a play didn’t help. So I did the following yum install aspell-en # still didn’t help yum install […]

by admin at September 10, 2013 12:02 PM

September 04, 2013

James McDonald

Getting Adobe Reader 9.5.5 Running on 64 bit Fedora 19

Installed AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i486linux_enu.bin Trying to run Adobe Reader on Fedora 19 Run acroread from command prompt displays a series of missing libraries and modules. Follow the yum install commands below to get it working: /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory rpm -q –whatprovides /usr/lib64/ gdk-pixbuf2-2.28.2-1.fc19.x86_64 sudo […]

by admin at September 04, 2013 10:19 PM

September 03, 2013

James McDonald

GUI Mockup Toolkit for Inkscape  

by admin at September 03, 2013 03:13 AM

August 30, 2013

James McDonald

Testing a dead format. Blogging is dead

Old TV

by admin at August 30, 2013 12:34 PM

August 21, 2013

James McDonald

Connecting the HP Chromebook to a Cisco ASA 5510

Used this howto: Works with my Chromebook, Windows 7 and Android (Samsung Galaxy SII) Sometimes the Chromebook takes a little while to connect. And if it disconnects you may need to wait a few minutes before it will happily connect again. The reason you have to go to these lengths is: - Java doesn’t install […]

by admin at August 21, 2013 09:27 PM

August 05, 2013

David M. Williams

FBI peels away TOR privacy, half of darknet compromised

iTWire: The FBI has compromised half of the so-called darknet or dark Web, exploiting a zero-day JavaScript vulnerability and arresting an individual who has been labelled as a key facilitator in the large-scale distribution of child pornography.

by david at August 05, 2013 03:45 AM

July 30, 2013

James McDonald

Discover the device connected to a Layer 3 Cisco Switch Port using MAC Address to IP Address Mapping

Doesn’t always work but can provide an IP Adress from an ARP address. # grab the mac address connected to a cisco switch port switch01#show mac-address-table | include Gi0/6 1 d4be.d9fb.8630 DYNAMIC Gi0/6 # get the IP Address of the connected device switch01#show ip arp | include d4be.d9fb.8630 Internet 0 d4be.d9fb.8630 ARPA Vlan1 This […]

by admin at July 30, 2013 03:43 AM

July 18, 2013

James McDonald

Cross Platform Client Side Encryption

All details here ==> Windows Requires a way of mounting one folder to another using Dokan (which is a Windows version of FUSE) and then the Windows version of encFS On Android I have been using BoxCryptor which also has a Windows Client but this article mentions cryptonite. Always good to have options.     […]

by admin at July 18, 2013 11:45 PM

July 11, 2013

James McDonald

Reading Symantec Backup Exec Logs in Firefox The above suggests turning off javascript in Firefox which will then display the Backup Exec Html log file fully expanded. On my Chromebook Developer Mode running Ubuntu 13.04 GNU/Linux inside a crouton change root system the menu option to disable Firefox’s javascript has moved from what is described above it is: Edit ==> Preferences […]

by admin at July 11, 2013 11:17 AM

May 03, 2013

Craig Ross


Note: This post is a work in progress and will become more detailed as I complete the project.

This post will guide you through the process of installing Bit Torrent Sync on a Raspberry PI for the purpose of syncing family photos between computers.

This system will include, Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux Mint clients with the initial server located on the Raspberry PI.

Installation of main instance on Raspberry PI

Login to the Raspberry PI via ssh and run the following commands, I am running RaspBMC (debian based).

Download the latest copy of bysync

pi@raspbmc:~$ wget

Extract the Tarball

 pi@raspbmc:~$ tar -xzf btsync_arm.tar.gz

When I tried to run ./btsync to execute the application I got the following error.

pi@raspbmc:~$ ./btsync
-bash: ./btsync: No such file or directory

To resolve this we need to symlink the following library

pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo ln -s /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ /lib/

Now dump a copy of the default configuration file

pi@raspbmc:~$ ./btsync --dump-sample-config >> sync.conf

We now have a sync.conf file with the default settings.

Host Configuration

The following lines of the default configuration file require modification

“device_name”: “RaspberryPI-Craig”,
“listening_port” : 55555,

“storage_path” : “/home/user/DataFolder”,

“use_upnp” : false,

“listen” : “”,
“login” : “admin”,
“password” : “password”

To start btsync automatically get the init.d script from

Copy the text to /etc/init.d/btsync

Allow execution of init.d script with chmod +x btsync

Edit the init.d script to set the username

copy the btsync binary to /usr/bin/btsync

Autostart the init.d script with

sudo update-rc.d btsync defaults

If you reboot your raspberry pi it should not start btsync automatically.

Following the reboot you should be able to access the web interface of bysync using the username, password and web address defined in the configuration file.

My address was

From here you can create folder shares.

Network Configuration

On your router port forward the listening port to the raspberry pi.

The port you need is the one defined in the “Listening Port” in the configuration file.

I also needed to modify the raspbmc firewall to let external traffic into my listening port.

in /etc/network/if-up/secure-rmc look for the section with the lines that look like IP table configurations and add these two lines

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 55555 -i $IFACE -j ACCEPT
iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 55555 -i $IFACE -j ACCEPT

Client Configuration

From the servers web interface create a one time key.

Add this key to the client and you will be syncing.


by cwraigidau at May 03, 2013 06:55 PM

April 22, 2013

David M. Williams

Review: Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive

iTWire: Q: When is a WiFi router not a router? A: When it’s a hard disk.

by david at April 22, 2013 02:14 PM

April 21, 2013

Gabriel Noronha updating

I’ve just got my new 3.27Kw sunpower solar system up and running and started output the results to

To upload I’m using the fronius easy card talking serial to a spare laptop ( will replace laptop with a raspi when i get a wireless card for it), because the sunpower inverter is a re-badged fronius i am using fslurp to do the serial commands

The only thing which needs to be changed is my device type is 0×97 Sunpower SPR-3501F-2, which is listed by fslurp as a unknown device.

I’m doing the actual upload to pvoutput using a sh script.

by Gabz at April 21, 2013 10:53 PM

April 13, 2013

David M. Williams

Announcing Speedo++ for Windows Phone 8

My first Windows Phone 8 app is in the app store: Speedo++

Actually, I cannot take full credit (even most credit). The app is a brand new Windows 8 Phone release of an existing Windows Phone 7 app by Long Zheng titled “Speedo Plus“. So, Speedo++ is Speedo Plus, plus a bit more :)

Long developed Speedo Plus to provide an aesthetic speedometer app for driving, bicycling, even walking I guess … anything that involves motion over distance. The app provides info on current speed, plus average and maximum speed (in this trip), along with a graph of speed over time.

Now, the trouble with Speedo Plus is it didn’t cater for new high-res Windows Phone 8 handsets and displays, but Long’s developer account had lapsed. He made the app available to the public for someone else to take on the app, which I gladly did.

This first build of Speedo++ is fundamentally Speedo Plus with little modification apart from support for higher-def 720p displays. However, I have future plans which include modernising it to use newer GPS/navigation APIs and the addition of new features.

by david at April 13, 2013 02:05 AM

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